'The Tempest'

Bronze, Monumental Figure

98"h x 26"w x 40"d


the tempest

the tempest

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Current Installations/Collections:

Chi Mei Museum, Taiwan

Champs HIll, England

Cape Cod Museum of Art, Massachusetts, USA


About 'The Tempest'

Patricia Call, ColorClicks, Editor article:
"Gwen Marcus has taken two and a half years to complete this beautifully proportioned and emotional, monumental 8 piece. The patina, or color, is created layering thin chemical transparencies. The chemicals are stippled on the bronze with a brush and heated with a blowtorch, so that they will adhere. It is crucial to create the right patina for each bronze sculpture in order to enhance the desired shadows, depth, energy, and emotional impact. This complex patina of reds, yellows, and greens, took several weeks to design and execute."